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Innovation. It’s in our blood. It’s the enduring thread that runs through our history and continues to move us forward. As long as there are customers to be helped, we’ll keep at it. And keep sharing our stories here. Welcome.

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This Day in Wells Fargo HistoryJuly 18, 1893

Wells Fargo did banking in New York City since its founding there in 1852. Changes to local bank laws prompted Wells Fargo to charter Wells Fargo & Co’s Bank as a state bank, which opened July 18, 1893. Wells Fargo sold off this bank in 1911.
Bank check drawn on Wells Fargo & Co's Bank, 51 Broadway, New York for sum of $24.92 and dated May 7, 1909. A series of holes punched through the paper spell word paid, cancelling the check.

A partnership born to solve challenges

Throughout their lives, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo, the founders of Wells, Fargo & Co., were known for their innovation and dedication to customers.

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