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Innovation. It’s in our blood. It’s the enduring thread that runs through our history and continues to move us forward. As long as there are customers to be helped, we’ll keep at it. And keep sharing our stories here. Welcome.

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This Day in Wells Fargo HistoryFebruary 21, 1878

The first telephone directory in the U.S. is printed, listing subscribers in New Haven, Connecticut. The second, dated June 1, 1878 for San Francisco, lists a number for Wells Fargo & Co’s Bank, an early adopter of this new communication technology.
Man stands behind dark wood counter holding piece of paper between both hands. Behind him is a map, sign, and two large wall-mounted telephones. Ringer with two metal bells and trumpet-shaped speaking tube visible. Image is black and white.

A partnership born to solve challenges

Throughout their lives, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo, the founders of Wells, Fargo & Co., were known for their innovation and dedication to customers.

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