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In-language service across time

Since the 1800s, Wells Fargo has been committed to providing in-language services and continues to do so today.
Two men in white shirts are seated facing each other in a bank. Man facing camera is smiling as he uses sign language.
Featured photo caption: A Wells Fargo teller communicates with a customer in American Sign Language (ASL), 1987.
Reads: El Espreso saldrá el Viérnes, Enero 5 de 1855. Especie Bultos Cartas se recibirán hasta las 11 de la mañana, y se espacharán para todos los puntos de California, Oregon, y los Estados Atlanticos. Libranzas sobre San Francisco pagaderas a la vista. Image link will enlarge image.
Dr. Henry R. Myles was born in Kentucky but moved in the 1850s to Los Angeles, where he managed the local Wells Fargo office. Realizing that many of his customers spoke Spanish, Myles learned the local language. He even created Wells Fargo’s first known Spanish-language ad in 1855. Photo Credit: Wells Fargo Corporate Archives.
Book cover with title text: Guia Para el Departamento de Compras y Comisiones de Wells, Fargo y Ca. En Donde y Cómo Comprar
In 1886, Wells Fargo published the "Guide for the Department of Sales and Commissions of Wells Fargo: Where and How to Buy American-Manufactured Items." The Spanish publication was a catalog used by Mexican consumers and business owners to order and purchase a variety of items from U.S. manufacturers.
Newspaper clipping of advertisement for Wells Fargo & Company in Italian.
Newspaper advertisement for Wells Fargo & Company’s Italian Department, 18 Chatham Square, New York.
Application form for Wells Fargo & Company remittance service in Romanian.
An application for foreign remittance in Romanian from 1914. From the 1800s to today, immigrants depend on remittances to send money home to family in their home countries.
On left, advertisement in English for American Trust Company featuring a ship. On right, Spanish translation of the same ad.
Spanish translation of a 1947 advertisement for American Trust Company, now Wells Fargo.
Advertisement for Wells Fargo Bank with bank name in both English and Chinese. In English the ad reads Since 1852 Wells Fargo Bank has offered specialized services to the Chinese Community. Whatever your financial need, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.
This advertisement for the bank ran in a Chinese American Citizens Alliance brochure in 1963. Wells Fargo Bank Manager Lyman Jang offered in-language services to his customers in San Francisco’s Chinatown branch. This early translation of the bank’s name was later changed by Jang to better reflect the interests of his customers.
Wells Fargo Bank brochure with graphic of a hand holding a pen, with text: su cuenta personal de cheques.
A Spanish brochure for checking accounts from 1970.
Advertisement featuring a stagecoach with skyscrapers in background, with text in Arabic.
A 1975 advertisement for Wells Fargo & Company in Arabic.
Wells Fargo Bank brochure in Chinese text.
Brochure for Wells Fargo Bank in Chinese, 1979.
Magazine cover with title Managing Change displayed in Chinese, English, Thai, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Tagalog, Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, and Arabic.
First Interstate Bank of California, a predecessor bank, published this multi-language cover upon the occasion of an International Division conference in 1983.
Wells Fargo brochure for InterCuenta Express, showing person handwriting a note with various currencies on desk.
A 1996 brochure for remittance services, printed in Spanish.
Calendar in Vietnamese: view of January 1997 page, with Wells Fargo stagecoach image on bottom.
In addition to Chinese in-language materials for Lunar New Year, Wells Fargo also created Vietnamese language versions for those celebrating Tết.
Wells Fargo brochure in Korean text, with image of ledgers, bank card and checkbook.
A 1998 brochure for Wells Fargo Bank in Korean.
Advertisement in Tagalog text for Wells Fargo ExpressSend, showing young girl seated in classroom.
Advertisement for Wells Fargo Express Send service printed in Tagalog.
Brochure for online bill pay in Spanish, showing young boy on man’s shoulders, with Wells Fargo 150 Años logo on top right.
A Spanish brochure for online banking services.
Advertisement in Vietnamese text showing woman holding ice cream cones.
Advertisement for financial products and services in Vietnamese.
Wells Fargo brochure for Chinese language services, with text in both Chinese and English.
Bilingual brochure offering both print and audio translation services for Chinese-speaking customers.
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